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A Morning At The Park

January 22, 2008

Cricket At The Park

Saturday 5 January 2008 – 11.40 am

~ A Morning at the Park ~

Weather: blue sky, stinking hot, forecast 34 degrees C… oops… no… (make that) 37 degrees C (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit*).

I’m sitting under a gum tree.

The kids are playing on the playground.

Cricket practice is on at the oval.

The traffic is pumping out pollution.

* Temperature conversion at


Sad For The Whales

January 22, 2008


Friday 4 January 2008 – 2.30 pm

Thinking about whales. Maybe it’s because they’re being slaughtered in our oceans. Or because I’m reading Moby Dick. How sad they are subjected to such cruelties.


Hiding From The Sun In The Shopping Centre

January 17, 2008

Copyright 2008

Friday 4 January 2008 – 2 p.m.

Summer holidays at the shopping centre. It’s so busy and full of grumpy parents. I’m probably one of them…


Tartan Pants And Hot Weather

January 8, 2008

 Tartan Pants

Thursday 3 January, 2008  – 6.55 pm

It’s clearly too hot to wear my beloved tartan pants.

 (Note: it’s summer here at this time of year.) 


Gothic Vampire Theatre

January 5, 2008

Vampire Musical

30 December 2007 – 11.01 pm

A day at the theatre… How emotive! How moving! ~ It makes me wonder about some Gothic romance set in a dark forest. Maybe I should write that as a play. It would probably involve a vampire in the main characters.


Chinese Restaurant

January 4, 2008

Chinese Restaurant

Saturday 29 December 2007 – 7.17 pm

Sitting in the car in a car park while the husband is ordering Chinese takeaway. Stinking hot summer day. So very, very hot. There’s heaps of people around, shopping for take away. Whinging kids complaining about hot chips. Others lurking around the sushi shop. The pizza shop is shut… Church was quiet tonight. Must be Christmas week.


I Wish I Were An Artist

January 3, 2008

Unicorn In Art Studio

29 December 2007, 12.20 pm.

Reading about art. Oh, how I wish I were an artist!


Spiders Everywhere

January 3, 2008


29 December 2007 – 12.25 am

My plans for a quiet evening are thwarted when the spiders attack…

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