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Links to useful articles, etc. will also sometimes be posted under the category https://darthmaulmakesmesmile.wordpress.com/category/weblinks/, starting mid October 2008.

Here is a selection of various links to websites that I frequently visit / enjoy / find useful / find challenging.


Apologetics is the field of Christian theology that explores the facts behind Christian faith.

Creation Ministries International (Australia)

Creation Magazine (Australia)

Institute for Creation Research (USA)

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Alien Intrusion

Alien Life & UFOs – Questions and Answers (CMI Australia)

Christian Answers Network

Answers In Genesis USA

Biblical Geology Australia

By Man Came Death (Days Of Praise) – ICR (USA)

Can Creationists Be Scientists? – AiG (USA)

Creation Questions at Christian Answers Network

For Children

Creation For Kids (Australia)

Big Idea – The Official VeggieTales Website (USA)

Christian Living – Young Adults, University Students, Social Issues

Ezzo Info – Explorations of the issues surrounding the popular “Baby Wise” parenting books

Australian Christian Lobby

CultureWatch – Bill Muehlenberg (Australia)

Boundless Webzine – Singles & Newly Marrieds (USA)

Christianity Today

Abba Father – The Official Website of Rev. Gordon Dalbey – Men’s Issues

Bible League Australia

Chastity – Focus on the Family

Christian Blind Mission International (Australia)

NeedHim.Org (USA)

Mark Sayers (Australia)

Don’t Trade Lives (Australia) – Activism Against Human Trafficking and Slavery

Anne Rice Official Site (USA)

The Preciousness of Life (saying NO to abortion / euthanasia, etc.)

Priests for Life (USA)

LifeNews (USA)

Make A Stand (Australia)

Pro-Life Responses to Pro-Choice Arguments (Australia)

Feminists for Life (USA)

Bible Study

Crosswalk Bible Study Tools




New Leaf Press

New Beginnings Christian Books & Giftware, Leongatha


Lark News
Friends’ and Acquaintances’ Blogs and Webpages

Matt’s Flickr Photos (Australia)

Matt’s RedBubble Profile (Australia)

Anne’s Lord of the Rings Fan Art (Australia)

Anne’s art eBay store (Australia)

Aunty Jan’s A Life In Ipswich (Australia)

Salt&Pepper (Australia)

Gourmet Goddess (Australia)

One Seed (Australia)

Pastor Mark Conner (Australia)

Jess (Australia)

jStuchbery Productions (Australia)

James C’s graphic design (Australia)

U-Wen’s RedBubble profile (Australia)

Chris’s RedBubble profile (Australia)

Liesl Field MySpace (Australia)

Amy K MySpace (Australia)

Michelle MySpace (Australia)

Ben Abraham MySpace (Australia)

Ros’ WordPress blog (Australia)

Claire & friends’ WordPress blog (Australia)

Felicia (Australia)

Complete Strangers’ / Online Acquaintances’ Interesting Blogs

Creation On The Blade (Canada)

The Electronic Soapbox (Australia)

TheKingPin (Canada)

Christian Churches

You might like to browse through these churches’ websites to get an idea of some of the different types of churches that followers of Jesus Christ might like to attend. I am not trying to recommend any of these over any other, and they are of different denominations and styles. They are listed here for reference only.

CityLife Church


Melbourne Life Christian Church

Riverview Church

Christian City Church


Australian Christian Churches

CRC Churches

Baptist Union of Victoria

Planetshakers City Church

Paradise Community Church

Churches of Christ in Australia

Roman Catholic Church in Australia

Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne

Catholic Diocese of Sale, Victoria

Anglican Church of Australia

Environment, Animals, and Green Lifestyles

fikalo’s private household exclusively uses Green Energy (electricity) including hydro and wind energy. Green energy does not produce greenhouse gases, and is harvested from renewable sources.

Animal Liberation Victoria (Australia)

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (USA)


Greenpeace Australia

Vegetarian Nutrition (and similar)

Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (USA)

Dr John McDougall (USA)

Nutrition MD (USA)

Market Fresh – Australian Guide to Fresh Fruit and Vegetables


Arabian Horse Society of Australia

Australian Thoroughbred Studbook

All Breed Pedigree Database Online (USA)

Parelli Natural Horsemanship (USA)

The Waler Horse Society of Australia

Arabian Essence

Rania El Sayed – Arabian Horse Photography (Egypt)


Australian Breastfeeding Association

Feminists for Life (USA)


Project 86


Hillsong United

Epic Youth

Sphere Of Hip Hop

Triple J Radio

Life FM Gippsland 103.9 FM Radio (Victoria, Australia)

ABC Classic FM Radio


Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australian Government – International Protection of Whales

Reconciliation Australia

Landline – ABC Australia

Flickr – some favourite photo pools

Arabian, Thoroughbred and Akhal-Teke Horses

Leongatha and Surrounds


[Originally Posted 11 February 2008 / Updated 1 July 2011 8.45 am]


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