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The 24c Sperm Whale

March 31, 2009


This stamp is looking a bit worse for wear. I kept it because I like the illlustration.


325. Multi-Coloured Rose #2

March 30, 2009

200903-flokot-art2Photograph, February 2009.

Another photo of my rose!


324. Multi-Coloured Rose

March 27, 2009

200903-flokot-art1Photograph, February 2009.

Some of my readers may have heard of the terrible heatwave, bushfires and severe storms that have hit the state of Victoria, Australia, in the previous month. February is normally marked by uncomfortable heat, but this year was a record breaker in terms of temperature, and in the number of people killed by the bushfires. When, in early March, Victorians received text messages from the police warning of coming storms, it was time for more tension and fear. Thankfully those storms weren’t as devastating as initially expected, and the rains they brought were a definite blessing!

So it was nice that, in admist the chaos, my poor little pot plants actually survived. We had pretty much abandoned them in search of air conditioning, but here they were, still waiting. This rose bush produces these amazing multi-coloured red-and-yellow roses. I had intended to do a daily series of photographs of this bud flowering, but was distracted by the storm preparations…


More information…

about bushfires and heatwaves in Victoria:

Country Fire Authority

Google Image Search for Victorian bushfires

The March 2009 Text Message… – at

Victoria’s Record Breaking Heatwave, 2009 – Bureau of Meteorology

All links accessed 5 March 2009.


Romanian Horse

March 24, 2009

stampcollection2009-42I suspect this is a Lipizzaner. Wow, 1984. I was 2 years old then… How I ended  up with this stamp, I’m not 100% sure.


323. Trotting Horse… Yes, another one

March 23, 2009


Felt tip marker on cream tinted paper, December 2008.



Expo ’88

March 17, 2009

stampcollection2009-43I have very vague childhood memories of my parents making the pilgrimage to Expo ’88, held in Brisbane in… umm 1988. I can barely remember it as I would’ve been about 6 years old at the time. I remember it resulted in a lifetime’s supply of trinkets that subsequently decorated our house.


322. Hill Thing

March 16, 2009


Pencil on paper, December 2008.

Ummm just playing around with imaginary landscape ideas…

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