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403. Bat in colourful night-time

March 10, 2010

2009, felt tip marker on paper.

I like bats, and I like the night. I like the bright colours of felt tip markers.




384. Leaves

September 24, 2009

05042009-flokot-gardensmall12Photograph, April 2009.


370. Flowering gum

August 9, 2009

200903-flokot-art10Felt tip marker on paper, March 2009.

Trying to capture something quintessentially Australian – gum trees!


339. Rainy Days

May 16, 2009


(looking out from the front porch – oops, better go get the newspaper out of the letterbox)

200904rainydays2 (a rainbow! I made the kids rush outside to enjoy it)





(another rainy day, this one photographed from the relative comfort of our loungeroom)

Photographs, April 2009.

After years of drought, it has been such a relief to see rain again! These photos were taken on various days during April 2009. I was so astounded to see wet weather that I felt compelled to take a photo.

The state of Victoria, which is in the south east of the Australian mainland, is naturally a wet, cool temperate area. However, years of various weather problems havemeant a terrble drought, not to mention heatwaves. There has been a lot of theories proposed as to the reason for the weather. My first guess is probably that the climate was devasted when, sometime in the the previous 200 years, the eucalyptus and tree fern rainforests were cut down to make way for farmland.


326. My Awesome New Shoes

April 3, 2009

200903-flokot-art3Photograph, March 2009.

Yay! Being a relatively tall-ish girl with relatively large feet, it can be difficult finding appropriately sized girly shoes (and socks, for that matter). I always walk into the shoe shop with a sense of shame… It’s hard to tell the shoe salesperson my shoe size when I really don’t want to…

I loved these the moment I set eyes upon them in a factory outlet store in Melbourne on our January wedding anniversary. White with purple butterflies and tiny black lovehearts – woo hoo! And they make them in my size (and even bigger!). I immediately put them on my feet and within an hour had developed massive blisters on my heels. A month later my feet had healed enough to wear shoes again, and this time I was more careful to wear them in slowly – with appropriate socks.

This photo was taken on a dusty morning seated at my children’s school for their bi-annual teddy bears picnic. I’m not sure if the teddy bears picnic is a custom followed in other countries, or if it’s an Australian quirk. Here in Victoria, it is generally celebrated by schools with young children (7 years and below, from my experience), and organised by school librarians. Children are expected to bring a teddy bearish picnic food – honey on brown bread, or teddy bear shaped biscuits. They must also bring a favourite teddy bear. The librarians then engage in a ritual of teddy bear songs, teddy bear story telling, and often a teacher will turn up in a bear costume.

I guess it’s a little weird… especially as we don’t get bears in Australia.


322. Hill Thing

March 16, 2009


Pencil on paper, December 2008.

Ummm just playing around with imaginary landscape ideas…


287. Swing Set With Evil Ivy

September 12, 2008

Photograph, September 2008.

A backyard swing set with slide and soccer ball. I find the suburban backyard almost suffocating. Perhaps it is just our yard, but the whole fenced-in, surrounded, everything confined and contained, it feels very frustrating to someone who spent the first 23 years of their life living in the wide open spaces of the country. The ivy is a weed around here, it is not meant to be growing in our yard but unfortunately the stuff has taken over our entire back fence.


276. Out The Window

July 17, 2008

Photograph, Lomo L-CA+ 35 mm film scan, June 2008.

Looking out the window, what did I see? Two kids kicking a soccer ball into a tree.


272. Road

July 7, 2008

Photograph, June 2008.

Taking a drive on a coastal / rural road one gloomy afternoon.


270. Couch

July 7, 2008
Copyright F. Lokot 2008

Copyright F. Lokot 2008

Photograph, May 2008.

Looking out across the front fence, I espied this stripy couch on the roadside. Either it was picked up by a garbage truck, or it was stolen by the individuals who travel around scavenging junk from people’s front nature strips (the grassy bit next to the footpath).


268. House On A Hill With Sunlight

July 2, 2008

Copyright F. Lokot 2008

Photograph (Nikon D40), June 2008.

Cropping and colour adjustments made in iPhoto.


265. Modelling On A Hill

June 23, 2008

Copyright Lokot 2008

Photograph, June 2008.

That’s me in this photo, taken recently on a cold winter afternoon. It makes me laugh, a lot!


261. Leaves In Late Afternoon Autumn Sunshine

June 13, 2008

Copyright F. Lokot 2008

Photograph, May 2008.


253. Seashells

June 3, 2008

Copyright F. Lokot 2002

Photograph, 35 mm colour film in Ricoh RZ-735, scanned and edited in iPhoto, 2002 / 2008.

This is a photo from my beachside honeymoon. I can’t believe I’ve been married over six years now. I’m only aged in my mid-20s. I don’t feel old enough to have been married that long!


246. Leaves

May 27, 2008

Copyright F. Lokot 2008

Photograph, early 2008.

Leaves + afternoon sun = photomographs!!


237. Plastic Shovel

May 15, 2008

Copyright F. Lokot 2008

Photograph, May 2008.

This is one of those sights I just found in the backyard. The kids had left their toys strewn (?) across the lawn, and I decided to help them tidy up. This sight of the lonely red plastic sandpit shovel seemed to begging for a portrait.


Irritatingly Large Trains

April 21, 2008

irritatingly large train

Sunday 10 February 2008 – 2.09 pm

At a park – as usual, for a Sunday. It has a MASSIVE steam train sitting here. It’s an old engine that’s been parked and painted. I can’t get over how big it is.

[Me, asking my husband – who works in the rail industry – if trains are meant to be that big.]


National Park Day Out

March 13, 2008

National Park Visual Diary

Sunday 3 February 2008 –

At the local National Park. NP’s are great ways of experiencing the Australian bushland.


A Morning At The Park

January 22, 2008

Cricket At The Park

Saturday 5 January 2008 – 11.40 am

~ A Morning at the Park ~

Weather: blue sky, stinking hot, forecast 34 degrees C… oops… no… (make that) 37 degrees C (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit*).

I’m sitting under a gum tree.

The kids are playing on the playground.

Cricket practice is on at the oval.

The traffic is pumping out pollution.

* Temperature conversion at

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