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Genesis Creation-themed posts on The Amalgamation can be found at: https://darthmaulmakesmesmile.wordpress.com/tag/creation/.

Christian apologetics-themed posts can be found at https://darthmaulmakesmesmile.wordpress.com/tag/apologetics/. Apologetics is the field of Christian theology that explores the facts and reasons behind the Christian faith.

Posts on the topic of references to themes from Genesis (especially Chapters 1 to 11) found in the New Testament can be found at https://darthmaulmakesmesmile.wordpress.com/tag/creation-in-the-new-testament/.

The Bible clearly describes the Creation of the universe, life and everything. This page is a directory to some apologetics articles written by Bible believing scientists, and stuff like that.

*Inclusion here of an article from an external website does not necessarily represent agreement with all views presented in an article or on its host website. External websites may change without notice.*

Articles about Creation and Biblical apologetics topics:

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