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Phororacos, Yemen Republic 1990

April 28, 2009


I admit that, as often happend, I did ask, “where and what is the Yemen Republic?” Turns out I have a pathetic knowledge of geography – especially concerning for someone who was, at one point, studying to be a geography teacher. Hmm… Anyway, short answer is, it’s in the Middle East. The Arabic script on the stamp should’ve given that one away…


A Blog’s Life

April 27, 2009


A grab from my blog’s stats month-by-month summary, beginning with its birth in February 2008.


333. A Lot Of Autumn Roses

April 27, 2009

20090328-flokot-rosesf12 #1





Photographs, March 2009.

Autumn has arrived and, in for us that has meant beautiful roses to photograph. We took some time out over two weekends in March and April to capture some of the beautiful blooms. I’ve so far sold two prints of photo #2 shown here (via RedBubble.Com)! It always feels very exciting when people enjoy my art and photography.

I find beautiful gardens so uplifting and, thankfully, this garden seems to be low allergy. Phew!


332. Felt Tip Marker And Crayon

April 24, 2009

20081230-scanart-flokot-9Felt tip marker and crayon on pink tinted paper, December 2008.

something completely different…


Flags and stuff

April 23, 2009

Please forgive me… it’s 10.02 pm and I’m very very tired…


It’s been interesting to note that, for some reason, people from the USA are reading this blog more than anyone else. I wonder if that means it’s comprehensible and relevant or if my Aussie ramblings are confusing. Careful, I might start throwing in words like “cobber” “chonks” and “crikey” to boost my Aussie readership.


By Request?

April 21, 2009

I’m interested in hearing from regular readers (and there must be a few of you because in just over a year I’ve had 30,500 hits on this site). I would like to know if there are any topics on which you would particularly like me to write a blog post. I think it’s a symptom of the fact that I am doing half my usual university study load this semester, and would like to take advantage of the extra time to perhaps write a few short blog posts on up to 5 requested topics.

Please use the comments box to add your (genuine) suggestions. If you are reading this on, please follow the provided link to the WordPress Blog and add your comments there.

Suggested topics might include:

– Australian culture.

– Thoroughbred horse pedigrees (maybe there’s a particular horse you’re interested in and want to know a bit about its family). Australian horses preferred.

– Christianity and Apologetics. Have you got any questions about a particular area of apologetics? I may be able to dig up some information for you (as an interested layperson).

– Art! This is primarily an art blog, so I should probably write on art at least once in a while!

– Maybe you have some suggested ideas for my RedBubble Online Store and Gallery, where I sell some of my art designs as t-shirts and art prints.

– Vegetarianism. Do you have any questions about vegetarianism?

– Environmentalism issues.

– Books! I read a lot of books… so I might have some suggested reading ideas for you.

I really hope my readers can help me with this! Be creative.  🙂


The Vatican, 1974

April 21, 2009


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